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Topco(R) Perlite Products

 Perlite is a volcanic glass mineral formed from the lava of an active volcano. Topco® products are made by crushing perlite to an appropriate size, then quickly heating it to a temperature range of 800–1200°C, which causes it to expand into a popcorn-like substance with a volume as much as 20 times its initial size.

 Expanded perlite has a multicellular structure, low density, yet demonstrates excellent moisture-absorbency and thermal insulation properties combined with both physical and chemical stability. For these reasons, it is well used in a number of industries and is suitable for use as a bulking agent in certain building materials, insulation material, absorbing agent, and in horticultural applications as a soil conditioner.

 Perlite, once expanded, can also be milled and sized to produce perlite filter aids, which we sell under the Topco® brand. We mine perlite ore in Akita and Yamagata, and process the ore at our Tochigi plant.

Typical Characteristics of Topco(R) perlite construction material grades

Typical Characteristics of Topco(R) perlite filter aid grades