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Radiolite(R) Diatomite Filter aids and Functional Additives

Diatomite deposits used for Radiolite® filter aids: This massive deposit of diatomite lay asleep beneath the Earth's surface until awakened to play a role as an instrument of modern industry. This deposit is so vast that it has been described by some as inexhaustible.

 The ore used to manufacture Radiolite® Filter aids is a formation consisting of the fossilized remains of diatoms, a form of plankton that lives in lakes and oceans. These unicellular form of life develop cell walls, or frustules, from silica ingested in the process of absorbing nutrients from surrounding water. Accumulations of fossilized diatoms frustules form deposits of diatomite, the raw material from which Radiolite® products are processed.

 Although occurence of diatomite is rather common worldwide, the size of deposit and its quality will determine viability; few deposits around the world are actually suited for filter aids processing. In the whole Asia-Pacific region, only three deposits located in various parts of Japan and one vast deposit in China's Jilin Province combine the requirement for size and purity, which insures long-term viability. Showa Chemical Industry is active in all four, and is the only producer in Asia that offers diatomite products processed from both fresh-water and marine origin diatoms. Our reserves where formed between 100 thousand to 10 million years ago, thus offering us a wide range of raw material from which we can manufacture a broad range of products.

 Showa Chemical Industry is one of two companies in Japan that produce filter aids at plants licensed to manufacture food additives using modern manufacturing equipment in locations near each major diatomite deposit.

 The major component of diatomite ore is silica, and Radiolite® products are refined by calcination at various temperature.

 At Showa Chemical Industry R&D Center in Tottori we have concentrated our quality control organization not just for the raw materials mined from each deposit but for all products produced at each plant. The main role of this organization is to ensure a stable supply of quality products that meet our customers demand. We also conduct specific tests in Tottori in support of our customers need, and to assist them with process optimization when using our products.

Dominant diatom species at Okayama Stephanodiscus

Dominant diatom species at Akita Coscinodiscus

Dominant diatom species Oita and China Cyclotella

Manufacturing process for Radiolite<sup>®</sup> products

Compliance to International Standards

 In Japan, diatomite and perlite filter aids are considered food additives, and all Radiolite® diatomite and Topco® perlite filter aids meet the strict requirements of the Japanese Standard for Food Additives.

 In addition, Radiolite® diatomite and Topco® perlite filter aids meet other International Standards.